Thank you, MC Bergamo.

The motor clubs’ organizational effort make the big Enduro events happen.
If it was not for the MC Bergamo, the Valli Bergamasche would not be the landmark thousands of people return to watch every year, and that hundreds of riders dream about taking on.
If you make a mistake, you are punished. That is the essence of Enduro and Bergamo is its Mecca. The deep-rooted tradition has been continued by a historical motor club, which celebrates its one hundredth anniversary exactly this year and which is destined to be remembered in the annals of motorcycling history. 

The 1920s. Just after its foundation in 1919. From the second decade of the twentieth century, the MC Bergamo and the advancement of motorcycling went hand in hand. They had the innovative idea that the development of the vehicle should be accompanied by increasingly critical and demanding conditions. The desire to overcome adversity, on two wheels powered by a motor, is innate here. 
Before 1948, the year of the first Valli Bergamasche, the Bergamo club represented the elite of Italian motorcycling. In the 1930s, it had outstanding drivers, the best of their time, amongst its members and several presidents organised great events, such as the Circuito delle Mura or the Regularity Circuito Città di Bergamo. 
The Second World War of course was a big setback, but it did not diminish the passion in Bergamo. Quite the opposite. 
This is when the beloved Valli comes into play, which will forever be tied to the name of the MC Bergamo. It was an immediate success. Thanks to the organisational effort and thanks to the passion of its many members and volunteers, its popularity continues to grow year by year and it is admired well beyond the Italian borders. 
The event epitomises the mentality of the Bergamasque people, their dedication and total commitment. Doers, not talkers. Endowed with enormous willpower. The Motor Club has always embraced all these characteristics and applied them to one event, which in the beginning was not even supposed to be a race: the Valli

Every year hundreds of volunteers give their own contribution to a creature which is considered the event in this North Italian town.
Young, old, men, women…everyone, really everyone, loves the bikes and the off-roads which have become part of popular custom. 
Shared values which were masterfully converted by a club that was born out of the effort of enthusiastic pioneers, who unconsciously left a profound mark not only on motorcycling, but on society. 

Thank you, MC Bergamo.
Thank you, Valli Bergamasche.
Thank you, Bergamo.