SALVINI, The First Winner of The Akrapovic Super Test Award!

This year the Super Test, with the help of Akrapovic Exhausts, has its own award. The prize? A cheque for 1500€ presented by the prestigious exhaust brand! While the Friday night test has always been hugely popular with the public, the addition of the Akrapovic Super Test Award has added a little more spice to the competition in the Super Test.

For this first edition, it was Alex SALVINI (I - Beta) who won the jackpot and so leaves with the cheque for 1500€ as well as a personalized bike stand in the colours of the Slovenian firm.
While he only won one Super Test during the season (Spain), the rider from Bologna has been very consistent throughout the year. SALVINI took advantage of a mistake from Nathan WATSON (GB - KTM) in Zschopau and he was also able to hold off the end of the season charge of Loïc LARRIEU (F - Yamaha) who, in the last four GP, has never done worse than the second best time in this special test...
Special mentions also go to Steve HOLCOMBE (GB - Beta), impressive winner of the Akrapovic Super Test in Greece, to EnduroGP rookie Christophe CHARLIER (F - Husqvarna) for his victory in Hungary, and finally to Mike BROWN (USA - Husqvarna), who, for his first and only participation in EnduroGP in Italy, shone by winning the test in style.

Unsurprisingly, in its very first year, the Akrapovic Super Test Award has been very popular with riders and the public, and the finale was played out last weekend in Zschopau’s SuperEnduro arena in front of 8000 spectators! Alex SALVINI becomes the first winner of this Award and is already looking forward to trying to defend his trophy in 2018.

Final Classification: 1. Alex SALVINI 40pts ; 2. Loïc LARRIEU 38pts; 3. Nathan WATSON 33pts; 4. Pascal RAUCHENECKER 21pts; 5. Josep GARCIA 20pts; 6. Mathias BELLINO 18pts; 7. Steve HOLCOMBE 18pts; 8. Christophe NAMBOTIN 17pts; 9. Christophe CHARLIER 17pts; 10. Cristobal GUERRERO 16pts…