Czech GP: Details

It’s not long now until the Championship starts again.

Two weeks. Only two weeks for everyone quickly to forget their summer break, the holidays they may have enjoyed, and the training sessions they have done. All focus will be on the last two competitions of the season at Uhlírské Janovice from 13 to 15 September and at Ambert from 27 to 29 September.


Having already examined the French route, we will now look at what the Czech Republic has in store for the riders. 

The Czech competition has always been highly anticipated and greatly celebrated even in less important championships because of its classic track, black earth turf, roots and rocks, as well as the large numbers of enthusiastic fans who usually attend.

It will take the riders more than six hours to complete the three laps of about 70 kilometres each needed to finish the race. It’s a very enjoyable route which has all the characteristics a good Enduro route should have: technical passages, changing terrain, and a lot of difficulty both for the participants and for their bikes. 

The paddock will be located right in the central square of Uhlírské Janovice. The riders won’t have much time to warm up or prepare themselves as they will have to tackle the first special test, the Xtreme Test Technousse, after only a bit more than two kilometres. One and a half kilometres into a forest, the weather will be fundamental. Adverse conditions would make these passages – normal in good conditions – very challenging for the pros. They would become almost impossible for the amateurs, who only face these kind of stretches in World Championship races.

However, no matter what the meteorological conditions are and depending on how much the riders will have stepped on the gas, everyone will be drained after these 1,500 meters. A stretch of 8 kilometres through hills and forests leads to the next Special Test. 
The Enduro Test Champion will be the decisive point of this competition: it’s long, technical, and we are convinced it will make a first selection. Its six and a half kilometres are all inside a forest on a ground strewn with rocks and roots. The long section that follows is not to be underestimated and it could be very problematical in the case of rain which would turn it into a muddy hell of wet roots to be avoided at all cost.


What’s the prize for getting through it? The first time check and a few well-deserved minutes of rest. 

However, it will be best to recover quickly and focus again as the Cross Test Maxxis awaits the riders after only a few hundred metres and they really should not get too distracted by the almost bucolic sight of this breath-taking part of Central Bohemia. For five kilometres, they will have to give their all in this motocross-style test full of typical ups-and-downs. The best ones will ride on or hunt the ones they’re chasing; the weaker ones will be increasing their disadvantage.

Along a very varied course which alternates sections hidden inside forests with spurts on open fields, they can truly ride their bikes again. Here, the route is distinguished by a challenging turf, which is enjoyable in normal conditions but becomes infernal if the weather decides to have its fun with those tackling the sixth and penultimate leg of the EnduroGP 2019 calendar.

Another check and a few minutes to examine their bikes.

Start again: repeat twice more, please.

If you’ve signed up for it, you don’t have a choice but to face it.

If you haven’t, you don’t have a choice but to watch the race on