Beta retains HOLCOMBE!

In September, after the Grand Prix of France, we brought you the news that Christophe NAMBOTIN (F) had decided to sign with KTM for one more season in orange. And now another World Champion has opted to stick to what he knows; Steve HOLCOMBE (GB - Beta)...

At the end of 2015, the Beta Factory team snapped up HOLCOMBE with a one-year contract. With this short contract, Team Manager Fabrizio DINI wanted to keep a close eye on the progress of the young Brit, who had just left the Junior class. Whilst DINI predicted great things for his young star, he couldn’t possibly have known just what Steve had in store. 
HOLCOMBE proved emphatically in 2016, with his E3 World Champion status, that he is one of the world’s top riders. As DINI told us at the EICMA Motor Show in Milan: “Even we were surprised by Steve's season! This year was supposed to be a ‘learning year’ in his new class and new team, but his performances throughout the eight Grand Prix were astounding... He brought us a World title which we’d dreamed of for a very long time!"
It is therefore no surprise that Beta is keen to retain this superb young talent. The Brit will partner Beta for a further three years... 
"Steve wanted more ..." confessed DINI "... But contracts of more than two years are very rare in our sport! "
In 2017, HOLCOMBE will tackle EnduroGP on the RR 300 2T, and will team up once again with the 2016 Italian Champion Alex SALVINI (I), who will also ride in EnduroGP but with the RR 350 4T.

Unfortunately for all Enduro fans, Beta have decided to say goodbye to double World Champion Johnny AUBERT (F). But with HOLCOMBE and SALVINI, the team - who won the Manufacturer title in EnduroGP last season - has a strong combination of youth and experience, and a squad capable of wreaking havoc in EGP!

Crédit Photo: Beta Factory