The GUERREROS with PontGrup Yamaha!

Cristobal GUERRERO (E) was without a contract after two years with Yamaha, first with the Miglio team and then with the Outsiders team. And Victor GUERRERO (E), who had been able to participate in the Championship in 2016 thanks to the efforts of the RFME (Spanish Federation), was also looking for a new team. It was time for the Andalucian brothers to look for pastures new! And the PontGrup Yamaha group saw an opportunity...

And so it is that the GUERRERO brothers will be with the same team this year, and both on Yamahas! A set-up which will bring back nice memories for the pair, who were team-mates on Pons Yamaha several years ago...
Spanish E2 Champion in 2016, Victor will line up in 2017 on the WR250F in Enduro 2. The younger of the two brothers started training with his new bike a month ago, and he is very clear about his goals: "With this motorcycle, I am convinced that I can achieve good results nationally and globally!"
For his part, Cristobal already knows the WR450F well, having done all of last season on the bike. He is now recovering after knee surgery, but the rider who became the very first Junior World Champion in Enduro history in 2005, will line up in the ‘top’ category: EnduroGP!

While some people were worried that 2016 would be the last season for the GUERREROs, the two brothers have proved that they are keen to keep their long-standing connection with World Enduro. Will this new team structure provided fresh impetus for Cris and Victor? We will soon find out, at the end of March during the EnduroGP season opener; the formidable Lake Paijanne enduro in Finland