What could be better than unwrapping the official ENDURO SEASON REVIEW DVD at Christmas?! The superb cameramen working for ABC Communication have once again traversed Europe to cover the 8 Grand Prix of the season; from Morocco to Portugal, Greece, the Scandinavian countries, the Basque Country and Italy before a spectacular finale in France. 

1 hour and a half of previously unseen footage!

2016 saw the first ever Moroccan GP, and Agadir gave us beautiful images and lots of exciting twists. Portugal also delivered amazing, and very diverse, images. As well as apocalyptic rain….! 
We witnessed Matthew PHILLIPS (AUS –Sherco) Steve HOLCOMBE (GB - Beta) and Eero REMES (SF - TM) delivering the results over every terrain, and saw Mathias BELLINO (F - Husqvarna)’s fantastic charge through the field. Loïc LARRIEU (F)'s impressive performances on the all-new Yamaha WR450F, and the excellent debut of KTM boys Nathan WATSON (GB - KTM) and Taylor ROBERT (USA - KTM).
In Enduro Junior, you can follow the record-breaking season of Giacomo REDONDI (I - Honda) and his 15 consecutive victories, as well as the solid seasons of young stars Albin ELOWSON (S - Husqvarna) and Josep GARCIA (E - Husqvarna).
You’ll also have the opportunity to appreciate the superb talent of young hopefuls of the FIM Youth Cup 125cc category; won by Jack EDMONDSON (GB - KTM), son of the quadruple World Champion Paul EDMONDSON.
Finally in the Womens class (EW) you will enjoy a nail biting final between Laïa SANZ (E - KTM), Jane DANIELS (GB - Husqvarna) and newcomer Maria FRANKE (D - KTM), with "Queen Laïa" taking the crown for the fourth season in a row.

Available now in French and English, the Best Of World Enduro 2016 is an essential addiction to the collection of any self-respecting fan - 80 minutes of Enduro Heaven!